Orange County, California

Orange County, California Orange County, California

Make your life easier and more efficient with our refrigerant delivery.

Best in Orange County – Refrigerant Recovery Services and Refrigerant Delivery

Rapid Recovery – LA is committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and value for all of their refrigerant recovery needs.

Serving customers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Rapid Recovery – LA recovers from job sites all over Southern California. We provide two primary services: cylinder service at your shop, and jobsite recovery. All while ensuring compliance with EPA regulations and generating all of the required refrigerant handling documentation.

Our AHRI certified recovery equipment exceeds EPA requirements and is capable of handling recovery from both low and conventional pressure gasses used in all types of A/C and refrigeration equipment. All of our factory certified technicians hold Universal EPA certification, and are experts at recovering refrigerant from any type of equipment or system. The combination of our industry leading recovery equipment and technical expertise, translates into significant customer value by saving them time, removing liability, and reducing costs.

Our customers find significant value in our services both from a cost and environmental sustainability perspective. Our services ensure our customers receive the utmost value possible, while positively impacting our natural environment through proper refrigerant handling and reclamation.

Our local office is ready to service all of your refrigerant recovery needs. Please contact us with any questions, or to schedule a job. Once you’ve tried our exceptional service, you’ll understand why contractors value Rapid Recovery.