Projects Gallery

  • 28 Dual Circuit Liebert Units
  • Grocery Store Closure
  • Scrap Yard Recovery
    Small Appliance Recovery
  • Mall Refrigerant Recovery
    Park Central Refrigerant Recovery
  • Cylinders Tested and Weighed
    Cylinders Tested and Weighed
  • High School Chiller Recovery
    High School Chiller
  • Residential Refrigerant Recovery
    Residential Refrigerant Recovery
  • Rooftop Recovery
    Rooftop Unit Recovery
  • Recovering Disposables
    Recovering Disposables
  • Subway Rooftop Units Recovery
    Subway Rooftop Unit Recovery
  • Kauffman Stadium Refrigerant Recovery
    Kauffman Stadium – Home of the Kansas City Royals
  • Tampa Recovery
    Tampa Recovery
  • Low Pressure Chiller Recovery
    Low Pressure Chiller Recovery
  • Bashas' Grocery Store
    Bashas’ Grocery Store
  • Fresh & Easy Grocery Stores
    Fresh & Easy Grocery Stores
  • Ghiradelli Chocolate Recovery
    Ghirardelli Chocolate Recovery – Downtown Chicago
  • Scrap Yard Units
    Mark Pearce and the 155 units lined up
  • Pre-Demolition Refrigerant Recovery
    Pre-Demolition Refrigerant Recovery for DH Griffin
  • Houston Demolition Site
    Houston Demolition Site
  • Rapid Recovery Cylinder Service
    Denver Cylinder Service
  • Marine Refrigerant Recovery
    Marine Recovery
  • Recovered Cylinders
    Recovered Cylinders
  • Small Appliances
    Small Appliances
  • On-site Cylinder Service
    On-Site Cylinder Service
  • Cylinder Service
    Cylinder Service
  • Chicago Chiller Recovery
    Chicago Chiller Recovery
  • New York Jets Stadium Recovery
    New York Jets Stadium