Refrigerant Buyback Program

Rapid Recovery pays you for your used refrigerants through our refrigerant buyback program.

  • +Refrigerant Buyback Basics

    We buy your recovered refrigerant from you.

    We come to you, recover your refrigerant directly from a system or from your cylinders and let you choose to keep your refrigerant, use our buyback program.

  • +Valuable Refrigerant

    Many common refrigerants (and some not so common ones too!) are valuable – even when dirty, recovered, wet, burned out and oil saturated. We bring integrity to refrigerant purity to ensure you get every dollar you deserve.

    Refrigerant prices seem to change as fast as EPA regulations do! We’re on it, we pay you our best price every time – without you having to ask.

  • +Your Profit + Our Service = Best Solution

    Used / recovered refrigerants are NOT a profit center to our local recovery network.

    We built our buyback program to ensure that we maintain our focus on providing you the best service at the best price. We give you the best price every time by removing any potential motive to pay you less than your refrigerant’s full value.

  • +Instant Value

    While still onsite, we credit you for the full value of your refrigerant. You know exactly where you stand before we leave.

    Request a refund or use the credit against future work. It’s your money; you decide.

  • +No Nonsense

    Our BuyBack Program has NO:

    Shipping fees – We do not charge freight to ship your refrigerant to us. We’re local and provide on-site cylinder or system recovery.

    Reductions – We don’t reduce your refrigerant value for normal oil, moisture, acid (burnout) or particulate quantities. We pay full price even when mixed with up to 3% other refrigerants. Don’t get “shrunk” by a reclaimer!

    Liability – You have no risk of “back billing” for mix because we test on-site. You have no EPA risk because we take your EPA liability for every pound we handle.

  • +Detailed Example

    Fill out the “Choose the Refrigerant Recovery Experts” form. A local Rapid Recovery representative will call you to discuss and schedule service.

    One of our certified, highly trained technicians will arrive on-site, directly at your job-site or your shop/warehouse location depending on your needs.

    Your refrigerant will be tested onsite – removing any risk of being “back billed” for “mix”, as many of our new customers have experienced with previous service providers. We will inform you of any unexpected results prior to completing any work.

    If we are emptying your cylinders we will weigh each cylinder before and after we recover it. If we are emptying a system for you, we will weigh each of our cylinders before we start and weigh them again after we are finished. In both cases the difference is the amount we’ve removed and is the quantity you are paid for.

    Our technician will recover your refrigerant with our incredibly high speed recovery equipment (expect to be impressed with how fast we are).

    We document everything. Our documentation includes cylinder size, serial number, refrigerant type and gross refrigerant weight for cylinder service and make, model and serial number for systems. You’ll receive a work order of all completed services before we leave your location. Computer generated printed copies will also be sent via email or mail – your choice – in no time flat!

    We’ll buy your recovered refrigerant and you’ll receive a credit on your account that can be used for future work or refunded at your option and request.

    We also offer refrigerant delivered right to your shop or jobsite!

Fill out the form to find out how we can help you get the highest value for your refrigerant.