Refrigerant Recovery Machines


You will be amazed at the speed of our gas powered AHRI certified equipment.  Our equipment is 10 times faster than typical electric powered recovery equipment used by most companies. That means 10 times faster recoveries and significant savings.

Our speed goes far beyond simply having the fastest equipment manufactured. Refrigerant recovery is what we do, all day, every day…  Our focus on this very specific service enables us to handle more refrigerant recoveries every day than any other recovery company in the world.  We think of ourselves as a NASCAR Pit Crew.  For us, it’s about providing industry leading recovery speeds on every project, just like a great pit crew does in every race.

The real question is, “what would faster recoveries mean to your bottom line?”

More projects completed?  Happier customers when their families, products or facility is at risk from the heat?  Re-purposed technician time to more productive money making activities?

Contact us today to find out how Rapid Recovery can INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE!

El Machino 2 (EM2)

Key Features

Unique : The only gas powered recovery machine currently manufactured that is certified under the EPA Clean Act requirements.
Improved: Smaller, lighter and faster than its predecessor.
Dynamic : Tubular design allows for a host of options to be added for job specific requirements.
Fastest : Unprecidented speed not achieved by our competitors.

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El Machino 2 (EM2)

The Rapid Recovery gasoline powered recovery machine is the one and only gas powered recovery machine currently manufactured that is certified under the EPA Clean Air Act requirements. It is a second-generation machine based off of the design of its predecessor, the RMS GP which was designed and manufactured by the principals of RapRec Support, Inc. as part of a previous company.

This new machine, El Machino, is powered with a 2 to 1 reduction direct drive by a 9 HP Honda engine. El Machino is equipped with an integral clutch, which allows for easy starting. It is also equipped with dual blowers and condensers for low head pressure in high ambient temperatures. Most components are easy to service or swap. It is smaller, lighter and faster than the old machine and is mounted on wheels so it can be unloaded and moved around the jobsite.

The machine’s tubular design allows for a host of options to be added for job specific requirements. Larger “wagon” wheels and tow bar can be inserted into the bottom frame rails to allow for easier mobility on rocky or uneven surfaces. Cylinder racks can be added for cylinder transportation in vehicle mount situations. A cylinder travel buddy can be added to attach a cylinder to the machine for easy towing on jobs requiring multiple setups in hard to reach locations.

Speed and professionalism are the key differences between Rapid Recovery companies and our competitors. The old machine was many times faster than any other mobile recovery equipment available, the new machine doubles that again, keeping Rapid Recovery far ahead of our competitors in speed, dependability and the ability to provide prompt professional service to our customers.

La Poderosa (LP2)

Key Features

Simple: Designed specifically for speed during pull-pull and direct recovery methods reduces the operational complexity and maintenance requirements encountered with other equipment.
Flexible: Capable of recovering both low and medium pressure refrigerants with a simple pulley swap.
Fast: Unprecidented speed not achieved by other publically available electric recovery machines.
Electric: Powered by common 110v power which is commonly available.

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La Poderosa (LP2)

La Poderosa(LP) is primarily a low pressure recovery machine. La Poderosa is a Spanish word meaning powerful. It is a fitting name as the LP is a powerful recovery machine.

Electric machines have limitations. There is only so much power available from a 110 volt plug. However, because 110 volt plugs are common and 220 volt plugs are not, we designed the LP to use less than 20 amps of 110v to get the best recovery rates possible from a typical equipment room outlet.

LP is also a combination low and medium pressure machine. The drive pulleys can be changed to spin the compressor faster for low pressure and slower for medium pressure. This machine resolves two issues. It is faster than the current low pressure machines available on the market and it can be used for medium pressure recovery in situations where a gas machine or running hoses through a building to the recovery site is not practical.

LP is a water cooled machine. There is a tiny (by comparison) water cooled condenser on board that does the work of an air cooled condenser 10 times its size and weight.

There was considerable effort put into keeping the machine from getting too heavy. Weight and performance are balanced to achieve the highest recovery rate in the lightest package. Outfitted with two three-way valves, the LP makes pump-down simple and convenient, keeping the it both versatile and simple to operate.

While La Poderosa is slightly slower, it requires much less maintenance than El Machino and it fulfills a niche that the El Machino cannot.