Cylinder Service

We understand that your time is valuable. Use our on-site Cylinder Service and free up your tech’s time.

  • +At Your Site

    We come to you! Our on-site service means that you never have to haul your full cylinders again. Our local, professional, certified technicians empty your cylinders at your shop/warehouse or jobsite. Your cylinder and refrigerant assets remain under your control. No shipping – no kidding.

  • +On Your Schedule

    We’ll schedule a time that works best for you. We can respond very quickly – just like you respond quickly to your customers when they are in need, we do the same.

  • +Instantaneous Turnaround

    When we arrive your cylinders are full and unusable for your next job. When we leave your cylinders are in a deep vacuum and ready to be deployed. Your cylinders never leave your location and never leave your control.

  • +Detailed Example

    Fill out the “Choose the Refrigerant Recovery Experts” form. A local Rapid Recovery representative will call you to discuss and schedule service. One of our certified, highly trained technicians will arrive on-site, directly at your jobsite or your shop/warehouse location depending on your needs. Your refrigerant will be tested on-site – removing any risk of being “back billed” for “mix”, as many of our new customers have experienced with previous service providers. We will inform you of any unexpected results prior to completing any work. Our technician will recover your refrigerant with our incredibly high speed recovery equipment (expect to be impressed with how fast we are).

    We document everything. Our documentation includes cylinder size, serial number, refrigerant type and gross refrigerant weight. You’ll receive a work order of all completed services before we leave your location. Computer generated printed copies will also be sent via email or mail – your choice – in no time flat!

    We’ll buy your recovered refrigerant and you’ll receive a credit on your account that can be used for future work or refunded at your option and request.

    We also offer refrigerant delivered right to your shop or jobsite!

If you are currently working with another company to handle your recovery cylinders check out our Cylinder Service Comparison Guide.

Fill out the form and find a better way to manage your refrigerant recovery cylinders.