Jobsite Refrigerant Recovery

Take advantage of our Jobsite Refrigerant Recovery Service and discover the advantages of working with a company that is concerned with your time and your bottom line.

  • +At Your Site

    Recovery occurs directly from the unit(s) that you need to service. We come to your customer’s location as a cost effective solution.

  • +On Your Schedule

    We’ll work on your schedule at your job-site. We work day or night, year round (24x7x365).

  • +Unmatched Speed

    Our equipment and technique combine to bring unmatched on-site recovery speeds to your jobs.

    If your work is time critical (limited system down time allowed); your labor costs are too high while waiting on the traditional “buzz box”; you need to deploy your skilled technician/diagnosticians on more valuable opportunities than refrigerant recovery; your profit margins matter or you simply want to be impressed – use our on-site recovery solution.

    We guarantee you’ll never see your old recovery equipment the same way again and your income statement will never have looked so good.

  • +Compliance

    Every pound of refrigerant we recover is documented in a way that exceeds EPA guidelines. Our process and documentation has been EPA audit tested to ensure compliance. Don’t risk the liability of having your own technicians improperly document or potentially vent.

    When Rapid Recovery performs your job-site recovery, we stand between you and the EPA and assume the responsibility and liability.

  • +Detailed Example

    Fill out the “Choose the Refrigerant Recovery Experts” form. A local Rapid Recovery representative will call you to discuss and schedule service.

    One of our certified, highly trained technicians will arrive on-site, on-time. We will come prepared to complete the project and bring professionalism, safety and experience that will impress you and your customer. We will represent you well on your job.

    Our technician will recover your refrigerant with our incredibly high speed recovery equipment. Expect to be impressed with how fast we are.

    We document everything. Our documentation includes make, model and serial number for each unit we recover, refrigerant type(s) and refrigerant weight removed. You will receive a work order of all completed services before we leave your location. Computer generated printed copies will also be sent via email or mail – your choice – in no time flat!

    We’ll buy your recovered refrigerant and you’ll receive a credit on your account that can be used for future work or refunded at your option and request.

    We also offer refrigerant delivered right to your shop or jobsite!

    Your jobsite will be left in as good or better condition than when we arrived. When we leave your job, we will leave you and your customer 100% satisfied with the work we complete.

As impressed as you’ll be with how easy it is to work with us, our speed, our team, our professionalism and our concern for your success, all of that pales in comparison to how impressed your customer will be by your partnering with the best.

Fill out the form to get your free job proposal. Start saving money while impressing your customer.