Central- South, Florida

Central- South, Florida

Make your life easier and more efficient with our refrigerant delivery.

We are Florida’s number one company dedicated to high speed refrigerant recovery.

Imagine all of your refrigerant recoveries being completed 10 times faster than what you can currently provide. By utilizing Rapid Recovery for your recovery projects, you can give your hard-working technicians back the time that they normally lose doing refrigerant recoveries themselves.

All of our services are completed by expertly trained, EPA certified technicians and include detailed EPA documentation to keep you compliant. We proudly serve the demolition, environmental, mechanical, HVAC and refrigeration markets.

Do you have an upcoming Federal job or a job with the Air Force? If so, we have you covered as we surpass their strict process and documentation requirements.

With over 300 feet of recovery hose on each truck, our customers know that we are the first call for hard-to-reach units.Our ultimate goal is to simplify your jobs while helping you look like a hero with your customers.

– Job Site Refrigerant Recovery
– Cylinder Recovery
– Refrigerant Testing
– Refrigerant Buyback
– Rapid Exchange (Cylinder Service)

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Notable Central - South, Florida Projects

High-Speed Chiller Recovery

Recently, our Rapid Recovery Tampa team, Ryan Switzer, Michael Grey & Regional Team Leader Ben Stapleton completed a recovery for a large industrial gas supplier. The refrigerant recovery job, located in Orlando Florida, began at 5:00am. Utilizing three of our gas-powered refrigerant recovery machines (El Machino), we were able to collect 5,600 lbs. of R-507 […]

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