Paul Penland, President

TriMech Inc

Have used these guys several times in the field to remove used refrigerant. Speed and consistency is very important in getting the job under way and these guys are the best I’ve ever used. GREAT JOB. See ya on the next job.

Alex Miller, Manager

Miller Refrigeration

Wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know the father/son team you’ve got in New Jersey of Steve and Doug are absolutely fantastic. They are very easy to work with and really helpful with our guys. We’d love to continue to use them in the future as far as they’ll go, they really do a great job!


Craig T. Essig, Account Executive

Precision Control Systems

You guys are Jimmy John’s freaky fast!

Richard R. Cashdollar III, Project Manager

MTech Mechanical

I’ve worked with Nick and his group on a couple of projects and we’re extremely happy with his professionalism and quality or work. I would not hesitate to have him on my team any time I need refrigerant recovery done in a timely and efficient manner.

Duane Amberg, Mechanical Supervisor

I met (briefly) the fellows with Rapid Recovery around 2pm this afternoon. I would have liked to visit longer but was heading to a meeting. So, just a quick “thank-you” for their prompt arrival and making quick business with R-22 removal.

I appreciate what they did for us today.  Thanks for the excellent service.

Kari deNevares

HiTech Air Power

You guys are awesome, this is why I am happy to have you as part of our team. Your response  is great, your followup is even better and the professional reports we pass along to our customers just makes us all look good.

Thank you all again!

Robert Peterson

Air Temperature Specialists

We use Rapid Recovery on a weekly basis and couldn’t be happier with the service. We found a great company to handle our refrigerant recovery needs while staying legal and accountable. Great company to work with.

Craig Bentley, Senior Project Manager

National Salvage & Service Corp

I have used Rapid Recovery on several projects nationwide, and have been extremely pleased with their service, professionalism, quoted pricing, and reporting. I have recommended Rapid Recovery to other contractors in the demolition industry, and will be using them again on an upcoming project.

Excellent refrigerant recovery company!

Scott Bohnemann

Hill Phoenix

I have to say one of the most consistent parts of this mutli-faceted program has been the recovery process and I want to thank you and your team for the hard work.

Bobby Brown, Maintenance Engineer - HVAC/R Technician

Hermantown School District

This [Reclaim & Return Service] is a really good benefit for individual technicians operating as a sole proprietor and even larger companies.

Chris D., Project Supervisor

Doll Services And Engineering

On time and fast, what else can you say?

Glen McNamara

McNamara Custom Service

We were extremely impressed with how Rapid Recovery handled our recovery. Your Technician’s professionalism, the process for getting it done and your speed really made a big impression. You saved us a lot of time and energy this week. Great work!

Rick Lemons, Chiller Specialist

Andy J Egan Co

Thanks for your service, your recovery man that came out did an excellent job. Will keep Rapid Recovery in mind for our next recovery job.

Scott Herrick

Arena Systems

Paul, thanks for working with us your guys were great. It was a great experience and will use you guys again in the future.

Debra Nieminski

General Dynamics

“Cesar and Scott did a outstanding recovery job today for me and Mark. Thank you so much. Your guys are always on time, they communicate with me, very professional and friendly. I can always count on you guys.”

Don Boykin, CEO

Southern Aire Contracting Inc

“You guys were so fast and profitable that we will always use you. “

Kevin Lestaeghe, Director HVAC

“Just a quick note. Thank you for being so prompt with your service. It’s nice when contractors can step up to the plate and hit it over the fence. Everyone was very professional, courteous and did a fantastic job.”

Mike Bernauer

Edwards Engineering

By your actions – you’ve encouraged me to be a loyal customer and be sure to provide other opportunities to you.

Bryan Gaston


In the face of less than ideal circumstances, Rapid Recovery exceeded our expectations on every level. They nailed it through hard work and the ability to resolve problems on the fly.

Kent Meyn

ACI Mechanical / Comfort Systems USA

You are a great bunch to work with!

Tom Shawver

C.M. Service

Rapid Recovery will not only come to our shop, but it’s more cost effective than dealing with a wholesaler. And now their program is even better because of the increased refrigerant buyback offered!

Joe Tumminello

R3 Tech

“As the owner of an environmental management company, I’ve worked with many vendors over the years and must say that Rapid Recovery truly provides value added service. I have been most impressed with the professionalism displayed on the jobsite, the efficiency in which the work is completed and the EPA documentation is unmatched.”

Trey Fuzzell

Cahaba Disaster Recovery

“Rapid Recovery is one of the finest vendors we have had the pleasure of working with!”

S. Barbee Cox

S.B. Cox Demolition Contracting

“Rapid Recovery has done many recovery projects for us over the past few years and we are always pleased with the work! Their promptness, efficiency and overall service have made them a valuable component to the S.B. Cox Team.”

Chad Eckerman


“You made the whole process very easy for me. It is a pleasure doing business with people like yourself, who still seem to care about others and a good end result.”

Jeff Knobel

Advance Mechanical Inc

“I was very pleased with [Rapid Recovery’s] service and professionalism. [Rapid Recovery] is a low maintenance sub contractor and that is the best kind to have. My client was happy with your performance and that’s the most important thing for me. “

Jeff Herdrich

Master Mechanical Inc

They provide a good service at a fair price, and I consider them a good resource for making my job easier. “I learned of Rapid Recovery through a Google search on the internet. I was faced with a couple of Target stores that needed all of the R-22 recovered from the rooftop units in a short timespan before demolition. Our staff of 5 service techs could have done the work, but we were already booked up and our recovery equipment was small for this scope of work. And to top it all off…

…it was winter in Minnesota. Les put me in touch with Paul out of the Chicago Rapid Recovery office, and he was able to arrange his schedule to meet my needs. He arrived on time, was very professional, and did the work for the agreed upon bid price. We worked with him, drained the oil ourselves, and made the units ready for the scrap heap. I have used them twice since then with the same good results. Employing their specialized equipment makes sense compared to investing in owning our own large capacity recovery machines. Their units can run without electrical service from the building, which makes them flexible. They provide a good service at a fair price, and I consider them a good resource for making my job easier.”

Marilyn Essian


“Rapid Recovery was the only company I worked with on this project that continually offered solutions to adverse situations.”

Gary Hill

Big Bear

“It is wonderful to work with a company that actually does what they say they will do! All of the other companies we talked with wouldn’t commit to providing the cylinders or the transportation. They were going to make Big Bear responsible for that. With Rapid Recovery on the project I soon realized that I could focus on other aspects of the project because I no longer needed to be concerned about how the recovery was coming along. I just knew it was done.”

Barry Weaver

Compass Environmental

The professional manner in which Les Rhynard and his crew responded to a critical situation at the jobsite in Mesa, AZ was most impressive. The response time was excellent, his crew came prepared with high regards to Compasses safety standards, and the job was completed timely and with no problems or necessary call backs. We have and will continue to use Rapid Recovery for our projects.

Winn-Dixie, Spokesman

“The fact that we didn’t experience a single stand-by/idle charge is remarkable and due solely to Rapid Recovery’s hard work and ability to resolve problems on the fly in the face of less than ideal circumstances. Rapid Recovery also completed this in record time and they have exceeded our expectations on every level.”

Lonnie Whigham

Complete Decon

“The details were just not there as far as the refrigerated appliances were concerned. I needed someone who could search the property, identify and locate the systems requiring recovery. I have utilized the services of Rapid Recovery on past jobs and found that they fill some crucial requirements. They provide me with very detailed documentation, the technicians they send to our jobsites are very professional in both attitude and attire, and they complete their portion of the jobs on schedule.”

Tom Hill

C & R

“I’ve worked with many companies in the past, but Rapid Recovery was the fastest and most reliable. They also had the best equipment, and no one else could remove the refrigerant in that time frame. I will recommend them without reservation.”

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