Wichita Company Hit With $100,000 Fine From EPA Over Flammable Products

Northcutt, Inc. denies it violated the Clean Air Act

By Justin Wingerter
[email protected]
Northcutt Inc., a Wichita company specializing in the sale and rental of tractor trailers, will pay $100,000 after federal regulators found it was selling flammable products.

Under an agreement between the company and U.S. Justice Department, Northcutt also must halt sales of the products and warn its previous customers of their flammability.

The agreement, known formally as a consent decree, is the latest development in an 18-month saga between Northcutt and the federal government.

In June 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency found Northcutt was violating the Clean Air Act by selling and distributing three hydrocarbon refrigerants, products used to keep trailers and their cargo cold.

The refrigerants, which are highly flammable, were sold as an alternative to nonflammable, ozone-depleting refrigerants. Under the Clean Air Act’s significant new alternatives policy [more]

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